Group Rules from the Admins

Updated July 30, 2020

Welcome to The Third Talk forum!

We're so happy to have you at the forum with us and appreciate your support. We encourage you to actively engage with the community.

Be yourself and share your stories.

The Third Talk™ forum is about starting a new national conversation, with the sole purpose of ending exposure to online pornography for our young people. We encourage you to join the conversation and remember to always share your concerns and your successes.

Be courteous to everyone's point of view.

We all have varying points of view and we welcome you to share your opinions, however, this is not a place to dismiss others or spread hate. If any conversations like this arises, members will be removed.

What happens in this forum, stays at the forum.

Understanding that all of the topics covered in this forum are deeply personal, it's important to remember that what happens on this forum stays on the forum. Your name, profile or personal story will NEVER be shared with anyone for any reason. You have my word on that as the Founder of this movement. *Members that do not follow these guidelines will be removed.

No spam, ads, fundraisers, links, or lives.

The Third Talk Forum and its community is open to everyone, and we leave memes, advertisements, fundraisers, shares of Live videos, links to articles or personal profile content, and spam out of the forum. *Members that do not follow these guidelines will be removed.

Discuss the pornography - prevention based topics.

Here we are discussing preventing young children from viewing online pornography. Any subsequent conversations: Does it help a marriage, does it hurt a marriage? Is it addictive or is it benign? Is it an abomination or is it artistic? Should it be eradicated, or should it be protected? etc. do not belong in this forum. Everyone's opinion is valuable and important, and we are talking about creating a national conversation about keeping young kids from viewing this content through education with their parents, or guardians. This an open forum discussion group, so please keep posts relevant to the theme of protecting our young people from exposure to online pornography, strategies that can help other parents and success stories, and please limit requests for localized recommendations so that everyone can participate. Posts discussing illegal situations or topics, especially those including minors, will not be approved.

Promoting The Third Talk™ forum.

This is a safe place! We want you to be able to promote The Third Talk forum on your Facebook page and to your community comfortably. We do not share anyone’s information, profile or story; ever. Any posts by a member of this forum are for the sole purpose of educational sharing regarding protecting young people from the exposure of online pornography. Thank you for supporting and promoting The Third Talk forum.

Post Approvals

To ensure that this is a safe place for all, Admins will use their discretion when approving posts. If you resubmit your deleted post, it will not be approved.

Content Usage Agreement

We will never share, offer, submit or utilize any information shared in this forum. The forum is housed on our servers, it is a private forum, and your comments and opinions are sacred to us. We do not seek monetary gain by your content contributions to this forum, and as such your comments will never be used outside this space.

See Something, Say Something.

If you see a member being offensive, attacking others, or being overly negative please report those comments to our Admins. We want this to be a positive and collaborative community for everyone.