Home Forums Parents of Pre-Teen Girls | 10-13 Years Old Won’t I just be telling my daughter that porn exists? Reply To: Won’t I just be telling my daughter that porn exists?

John Van ArnamJohn Van Arnam

Yes of course, and thank you for that question.

First of all, you got this!

Your conversations with your daughter will protect her from the harm that watching pornography can cause young people. So, in addition to the conversations that you already have be sure she understands that you are not ok with her seeing it. Set that rule. Then you can explain that it is not healthy for her. It is not healthy because the brain will release dopamine when she sees porn. Releasing dopamine encourages her to want to see more online porn. You can explain that it is fake, a movie and should never be seen as ‘education’. Lastly this content can create fear and shame around what really should be a wonderful natural exciting and gradual exploration process. It is normal and healthy to be curious. Satisfying that curiosity with online pornography however is a dangerous path.

We have a free YouTube video tutorial that you can watch that may better outline some of these strategies.