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John Van ArnamJohn Van Arnam

Hi Megan. My name is John Van Arnam, I am the founder of The Third Talk.

It’s not only how ready he is, but also how ready you are and I fully appreciate the question. I had the “porn-prevention” conversation with my son at age 8, and we started with body parts. It is normal for young people to be interested in body parts at his age; his own body parts and those of others. Without knowing your unique situation, I can understand how that might be triggering for you. I am happy to try and help you here on this forum. In addition we provide (paid) consultation for parents, and, for parents and their young kids together. I am not trying to upsell you, and, I think your situation while not unique, is unique to you and deserves personal attention. We center our consultations around pornography prevention. However I believe that you may gain value by having a consultation that would also obviously address interest in body parts at his age.

Should that be of value to you you will find that offering on our website under “offerings”.

In the meantime, please know that his interest in body parts is normal, his experience is unique, and you can certainly address his interest in body parts with a conversation about “bathing suit areas”, and respect for himself and others. If you as his Mom believe that he shouldn’t engage in that behavior you should feel very comfortable in expressing that to him. I would suggest that you do that in a firm and loving way. Let him know his interest is normal, healthy even, but that if you do not approve, he is not allowed to engage others in that way. He only gets one Mom, and from the tenor of your post, he has a good one!