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Good point. This latest talk about porn went really well. I talked about all of the above, etc, and ended with telling her she should have some favorite YouTube videos bookmarked on her phone (my old, somewhat broken iPhone) to pull out if she ever needs to redirect. She said her girlfriends haven’t shown her porn and said she barely talks to the boys in her class and the ones she does wouldn’t do something like that. I also said that I believe that porn isn’t necessarily all bad. If it’s made with respect, it can be a useful part of an adult relationship, but the vast majority of porn that she would be exposed to would be unrealistic, degrading to women, and just confusing and she should avoid it. Which will be harder for her than it ever was for me as a kid. She thought having bookmarked YouTube videos sounded like a reasonable strategy to have in her toolbox and said it was totally worth it to listen to my description of porn to get to do YouTube bookmarking for homework. Thanks for your thoughts, keymasters! Super happy for that to have gone so well. (Edit for clarity.)

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