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Moms and Dads, caregivers, guardians, grandparents, and allies-- here is our solution: communication. This is where we turn an awkward, challenging, and embarrassing topic into a simple and casual conversation. Here you can communicate with parents all over the country to share what has worked for your young person, what hasn't, share success stories and challenges and ask questions from moms and dads addressing the same challenges that you are.

Now for 20 years and longer, this forum has not existed, and because of its absence (and maybe only because of its absence) we as grown-ups have allowed online pornography to teach our young people about human sexuality with devastating consequences. We have to act now. I request that you join in this effort in a kind and thoughtful way, and together, as grown-ups, we will end the notion that online pornography can serve as sex education for our young people.

You might think that this can wait until next week, or the next birthday or next summer; it can't. Prevention is the goal and the sooner the better.


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Here you get to stop worrying about it.

We believe that the first conversation is scary, ONLY if we all keep pretending that this just happens to other people’s kids. Here you will actually be able to prevent this challenge for your young people. Nobody has this ‘down’ and everybody here, is here for the same reason, so don’t worry, were all going to be kind and help each other out. If we understand that every parent has this issue, or will, it’s so much easier to talk about. So please be friendly. Here we provide you language to start the conversation and the “what to say and how to say it” to keep that conversation going. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel once it’s out in the open. Your young people will feel better too.

Here you'll find an opportunity to thoughtfully invest in your future.

Here we are discussing pornography prevention for your young people and eventually for their young people. This is a decision that you make for your lineage. A small investment in your own family’s pornography prevention now could save you years of expensive therapy down the road. And, when we initiate this conversation without fear or shame, our young people can then discuss this topic with their own peers and real change takes place. Additionally, your support will fund an organization who will be bringing this message to other people's children, whom your young people will meet down the road. If you visit us once a week, once a month, or once every 6 months or longer your input is valuable, you're welcome here and we want to hear from you. If your child needs to attend therapy for compulsive pornography viewing you may spend tens of thousands of dollars a year. For $300, you can join us for the entire time your child is 13-18.

Here we discuss one topic in one safe place.

This is a private forum and names and information will never be shared. Here we are discussing the prevention of online pornography exposure to our young people; period. Other discussions should please be taken outside this forum. Your opinion matters and thoughtfully delivered you could help your family and other families and their young people as well. If 2020 has shown us anything, it is that we are all in this together. Let’s be together for our kids.

Here you receive community.

We are all equally parents and guardians, grandparents, allies, caregivers and protectors on this forum. We cannot allow fear of “what the neighbors might think” to keep us from addressing this challenge for all of our young people. And, if we all address this one topic now, together, in unison, (a topic that we already know is bad for our young people) it takes a lot of the social fear of speaking about this out of the equation. Grown-ups we all need to discuss this with each other as well. If we all have this conversation together now, we can curb, if not end, the hurt that can be caused by online pornography exposure to young people.

Here you receive answers to questions, stats, updates and information from vetted Doctors, Therapists and experts.

Each week our team will answer members question via video. We will provide success stories from parents who have already staved off this challenge for their young people. We will highlight questions from parents that many folks are also asking. We will initiate conversations for forum members and join their chats. We will invite Doctors, Therapists and Experts to share their insight as well. Here we are providing a central location where grown-ups gather to address this topic directly, effectively and politely. Here, we will become our own 1-800 number for pornography prevention.