John Van Arnam, Executive Director, SME

John has an 18-year advocacy protecting children from viewing online pornography, and a passion for real-world practical solutions. To be clear, there is no amount of pornography that could be considered ‘safe’ for children, or ‘just part of growing up.’ John sees our young people viewing online pornography as an avoidable challenge. He and his team raise critical awareness about the dangers of young people watching online pornography, and has created real-life solutions and conversations that allow the parents to discuss these dangers to their children.

John worked for The State of North Carolina as a School Safety Program Trainer under the Department of Public Instruction. He assisted the largest search engines to create family safe search practices surrounding pornography for over 8 years. John is a Partner in Prevention on the Bumbombe County Prevention Task force. He speaks at seminars for The North Carolina Center for Safer Schools (NCCSS). He is a Stakeholder in the NC State Human Trafficking Commission. John is the President of Raising Better Boys and the Founder of The Third Talk™ Inc. John has a degree in Psychology and a minor in Child Psychology from Syracuse University. He has been called a ‘Sexual Health Consultant’ a ‘Subject Matter Expert’, and ‘Lecturer’. He prefers the term ‘Coach’; a coach in the prevention of childhood exposure to online pornography.

John has surrounded himself with great people who share his passion for protecting kids.

Hannah Adcock, Director of Youth Outreach

Hannah Adcock is the Director of Youth Outreach at The Third Talk™ and has shown herself to be a dedicated and necessary element to the solution of youth exposure to online pornography.

Hannah’s commitment to protecting our nation’s children goes well beyond her advocacy at The Third Talk™. Her work as the Regional Manager at GirlUp, a United Nation’s funded Women’s advocacy Foundation, highlighted her commitment to Women’s issues long before she left high school.

An Asheville High School Graduate and accomplished public speaker has well positioned her and her strengths to advocate for youth here in The United States and beyond.

Video: The Third Talk™ Director of Youth Outreach speaks at Evergreen

Lise Anne Ellsworth, Development Director

Lise Anne Ellsworth is a dynamic, poised, creative, and forward-thinking leader with subject-matter expertise in relationship building, community engagement, fundraising, event execution, marketing strategy, and brand management. Lises’ passion for charitable work began when she formed the non-profit Women’s International Network in Sports, Inc. {WINS} in 1998 on the island of St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands. Using sports mentoring as a means to address and mitigate high school dropout, teen pregnancy, truancy, drug use, and young-adult parenting, WINS became the authorized after-school sports program for the Housing Authority and the Boys and Girls Club, Virgin Islands, serving over 150 boys and girls annually who lived in sub-standard housing complexes. She’s served as a founding Board Member for Habitat for Humanity, St. Thomas, and as a marketing strategist for Well Baby Center, Los Angeles, a non-profit dedicated to infant-parent mental health support.

Lise recently returned to Asheville, NC where she has owned her home for 12 years, and is exuberant about the opportunity to partner with Founder, Executive Director and Chairman, John Van Arnam, in his efforts to initiate the conversation between parents and their children about the dangers of childhood exposure to internet pornography.


"I have met and worked with John on the training we provide at our R.I.S.E seminar series here in North Carolina since 2016. He is addressing a difficult and prolific problem in our State and around the country. I know him to be thoughtful, careful, professional and even funny. His lectures at our trainings routinely receive the highest marks from the participating Administrators, counselors and teachers, and we look forward to his upcoming teachings this summer 2020. He has opened my eyes to a challenge in our State for young people that I was not fully aware of, and solving it with grace and care. I recommend John’s approach to online pornography and the harm it can cause young children."

Karen Fairly
North Carolina Center for Safer Schools

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