The communication between children and their parents is the best way to assure that children are not exposed to online pornography. Prevention is the goal. The ‘cure’ might be diminished happiness, loneliness or difficulties initiating or maintaining long term, healthy relationships. It might even mean years of expensive therapy; or simply the ‘fast-forwarding’ through a wonderful and rare opportunity to be young and explore your own individual sexuality gradually.

THIS IS THE ONLY SESSION NEEDED TO PROTECT YOUR CHILD FROM EXPOSURE. There are no workbooks, software or additional sessions necessary.

A conversation with any child requires a parent to be present. In addition, a 15-minute discussion will be had with the parent(s) before sitting down as a group.

* During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are now having these conversations over Zoom, Facetime or Skype.

During this 90-minute session both the Parent and the child will be introduced to the following concepts together at the same time.

The volume of the challenge that children face
The peer pressure that children will encounter
The physically and emotionally unhealthy aspects of online pornography
The fact that while it may appear harmless and even fun, it is neither
A G-Rated description of how healthy sexuality does not include pornography

I encourage you to utilize this package. My purpose is communication. There is nothing more likely to further communication within a family unit, than to remember the time you sat down as a family and discussed online pornography with a family coach. One conversation, properly initiated, can continue the communication within a family permanently.

Should you require a sponsorship or financial assistance, accommodations will be made. Contact The Third Talk™ to inquire.

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