Parent / Child Consultation

From: $220.00


Communication between young people and their parents is the best way to assure that young people are not exposed to online pornography. One conversation, properly initiated, can generate the communication necessary within your family to fully prevent the harm that could occur by exposure.

We believe that prevention now is also in the financial best interest of parents. Having the pornography – prevention conversation now, beats “curing” pornography down the road. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars on years of expensive therapy ‘curing’ a problem you didn’t have to have. One session with The Third Talk™ within a family is all that is necessary to begin your own years-long prevention discussions. One week, one month, one summer, could be one too many to postpone an initial exposure.

Prevention is our goal. The opposite may be diminished happiness, loneliness, or difficulties initiating or maintaining long term healthy relationships. Our young people may ‘fast-forward’ through a wonderful and rare chance to be young and to explore their own individual sexuality gradually.