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What you will receive by joining this forum:

Most importantly you will receive Community. A place to turn to for the solution to a historically difficult topic for moms and dads to have with their young people. I expect us all to grow, to learn, and to share what we have learned so that the next set of parents finds this conversation less daunting; just as easy as the “no-smoking / no drinking” conversations we already have with our young people.

You will receive weekly addresses from me suggesting best communication scripts: what’s working and what’s not working.

Here we will post news articles, National and global updates (what’s working around the world.)

Here I will answer members questions directly over video. We encourage you to ask questions directly of The Third Talk. If you have a question, most likely other parents have the same question. Ask away, and we will answer your questions over video right here every week.

We look forward to including the input and guidance from guest bloggers, vloggers and professionals who are also working to reduce exposure to our young people. We’ll speak with Dr.’s, therapists, Mom’s, Dad’s, young people, and other members of the exposure protection community, who have worked to keep young people from exposure to online pornography.

You also receive education tools and videos from like-minded sources.

We’ll also be telling a ton of success stories! Most importantly yours!

This is where parents learn from each other, encourage each other and end porn-culture for our young people together!