To initiate a conversation between parents and their young people regarding avoiding exposure to explicit adult material. We provide practical, real world language to start that talk, and then the “how and the why” to keep the conversation going.

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"After years of work as sex therapist here in North Carolina I am proud to endorse John Van Arnam and The Third Talk™. His approach to the prevention of sexually based challenges for our State's youth is exemplary. It takes tremendous courage for John to lend his name and experience to a topic as controversial as exposure of online pornography to young people. We as adults simply must do a better job of forewarning our children against their inevitable exposure to pornography and John’s program does just that. John is focused on prevention.

I encourage you to contact John and protect your family from the damage that this content can cause young children."

Pia Arrendell
Pia Arrendell

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