Parent and Child Consultation

The communication between children and their parents is the best way to assure that children are not exposed to online pornography. Prevention is the goal. The ‘cure’ might be diminished happiness, loneliness or difficulties initiating or maintaining long term, healthy relationships. It might even mean years of expensive therapy; or simply the ‘fast-forwarding’ through a wonderful and rare opportunity to be young and explore your own individual sexuality gradually.
A conversation with any child requires a parent to be present. In addition, a 15-minute discussion will be had with the parent(s) before sitting down as a group.
During this 90-minute session both the Parent and the child will be introduced to the following concepts together at the same time.

1. The volume of the challenge that children face
2. The peer pressure that children will encounter
3. The physically and emotionally unhealthy aspects of online pornography
4. The fact that while it may appear harmless and even fun, it is neither
5. A G-Rated description of how healthy sexuality does not include pornography

I encourage you to utilize this package. My purpose is communication. There is nothing more likely to further communication within a family unit, than to remember the time you sat down as a family and discussed online pornography with a family coach. One conversation, properly initiated, can continue the communication within a family permanently.


Parent Only Consultation

Parents have “The Talk” to teach their kids about the birds and the bees. A second talk regarding sexual development happens around middle school and is usually given by counselors, health teachers, or P.E. teachers to discuss safety, boundaries, pregnancy and STD's. Now that technology allows pornography to exist on every device and social media platform our children will see, parents need to have another talk. The Third Talk™, parents need to have with their kids, is about online pornography.

By focusing on the parent, and their responsibility to educate and protect their own children there is a theme that can be universally accepted. It moves the conversation from the internet, to the home, and allows for families and communities to support each other. This means discussions at work, at the soccer field, at book clubs, baseball games, even churches and schools. It can create a network effect that is stronger than any individual effort.

During this 60-minute session the parent(s) will be knowledgeable with the following concepts:
1. The volume of the online pornography challenge
2. The language to use to initiate this conversation with your own children
3. Strategies and tools to discuss healthy sexuality with your child.
4. Working through any perceived duplicity regarding this content


Schedule an Appearance

Schedule an Appearance

The difficulty of speaking to children regarding the challenges of pornography has been completely mitigated by our insightful education series delivered by our founder John Van Arnam. John combines real world solutions with knowledgeable and family-friendly anecdotes in order to provide children and their parents an actual remedy to pornography's potential hazards. This conversation has proven difficult to the point of prohibitive for most grown-ups; except for the usual and overly simple "Don't watch it", that kids have ignored for 18 years. The Third Talk™ provides the solution. We offer the catalyst to full parental communication with children by simply initiating the conversation for parents and their kids. We speak to both parents and children together, in a language that both will understand, so that everyone can move forward with an understanding of the potential hazards of youth exposure to pornography and the reasons why kids just shouldn't view it.

The Third Talk™ does this without shame, blame or colorful language; and even some humor!

Interested in John Van Arnam speaking to your school, church group or parent organization? Please contact us directly by filling out the form below. Standard rates for schools, churches and PTO’s / PTA’s vary and are discussed based on the size of attendance, the ages of any children in attendance and whether the event is open to the public.

Don’t wait! The necessity to have this conversation with your children grows every day. The average age that kids first view this content is 12. Simply hoping this will change or go away has proven an ineffective strategy for over 18 years. Allow John to end this challenge for your kids by educating their parents in one session including any and all questions.